COVID-19 & Dental Care at Swaby's

Dental practices in England were told to close down during March 2020 until further notice by the Government.

Swaby’s practice reopened on the 5th May 2020 as an urgent care hub providing urgent care for the local population.

From 8th of June 2020 all practices in England are permitted to reopen for urgent care and to start to provide necessary care for the back log of patients that had less urgent problems while practices have been closed.

At Swaby’s practice we will be increasing the number of patients that will be seen so that we can work through the back log of patients that have contacted us over the time since we closed in March 2020.

We will be looking after everyone's safety and so we will be operating the practice in a way that social distancing will be maintained. This means that patients will only be able to enter the practice if they have an arranged appointment.
The practice team will be wearing enhanced PPE which will allow the dentist and Nurse to be able to work with the patient safely and we will be taking precautions to ensure that each patient does not come into contact with anyone else during their visit to the practice.

When an appointment is arranged a member of  the practice team will go through the instructions with the patient over the phone so that they understand how the visit will work.
In brief we will ask of you;

1. To come alone unless you are attending with a child or as the patient you require assistance with mobility or consent

2. Do not bring anything unnecessary with you, so no bags or items that you need to put down in the practice ( this is to reduce contamination)

3. Please use the toilet before you attend as our toilet facility will not be available

4. When arriving at the practice wait in your car or outside the building and phone reception to inform the practice that you are here. We will then call you back and arrange to open the door to let you in. This is so that we can ensure that you do not come into contact with other patients and so that you do not need to touch anything

5. Once in the building we will ask you to sanitize your hands and put on a face mask that we will provide.

6. We will confirm identity, take your temperature and ask some questions to risk assess for Covid status.

7. We may need to take an X-ray. We will explain this and ask for consent from you if we believe that it is necessary to have an X-ray

8. We will then take you into surgery for treatment. We may ask you to rinse out with a peroxide based mouthwash which reduces bacterial and viral load.

9. When treatment is completed we will open the doors to let you out of the building. We will give you any aftercare information that is necessary

10. During the time in the practice we will request that you avoid touching anything; we will open doors etc. This is to reduce the risk of cross contamination.

11. Our reception team will be remote and so all contact with them will be by phone. Any forms that would normally be signed will be signed by our team on your behalf, but only after requesting your consent to do so.
Any payments will be requested to be paid by card over the phone. If this is not possible we will request that you bring the correct amount in a clear wipe down plastic bag to be handed to one of the team when you arrive.

12. Please make sure you have eaten a small meal and had a drink before you attend. Sometimes patients feel faint during treatment if they have not eaten before treatment.

13. Please bring any rescue medication that you may need such as; inhalers; GTN spray; or EpiPen.

14. In order to ensure that patients do not come into contact with each other it is important that you arrive at the agreed time for your appointment.

Everything that we are doing is to try to minimise the risk of any contamination of surfaces and reduce any unnecessary contact between individuals.
We want everyone to stay safe.
We will keep you informed as things change and we expect over the coming months that more routine care will become available

Kind regards

Swaby’s Team