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Available Treatment

A Private Examination Is Composed Of...

  • A review of medical and social history allowing a risk assessment to be made in relation to oral health and any planned dental treatment.

  • Extra oral examination which includes a check of the temporomandibular joint and associated muscles, skin of the face and head and neck for skin lesions and swellings

  • Intra oral examination which includes assessment of the hard and soft tissues for any abnormalities including oral cancer screening.

  • We will check your gums for signs of gum disease and offer advice and treatment options 

  • X-rays are taken periodically to check for bone levels supporting the teeth, dental decay and other pathology.

  • Bespoke prevention advice is offered to help you maintain and improve your oral health. 

  • Discuss treatment options with costs, risks and benefits of the various options



The best thing that we can do to help our patients is advise them how to reduce their risk of dental problems. Prevention allows us to assess your risks and develop bespoke advice to help reduce your individual risks. We also offer preventative treatment which includes fluoride applications and fissure sealants which reduce the risk of developing dental decay. These treatments are particularly suited to children.


Cosmetic polishing is a way of removing superficial staining from teeth which is a common problem for patients that smoke or enjoy drinking tea/coffee/red wine. There are many factors which can cause staining of teeth and our jet polishing is an excellent way to remove these stains leaving the teeth looking extremely clean. Cosmetic polishing can be provided for the smile teeth or full mouth.



  1. Whitening strips: This is a simple and cost-effective way of gently whitening the smile teeth. Ask your dentist for more information.

  2. Home whitening is the mid-range treatment for whitening the teeth. Treatment usually takes 10-14 days but can be extended for enhanced whitening. Ask your dentist for more information.

  3. Beam whitening which is an in-surgery treatment to give the teeth a “jumpstart” to the whitening. This treatment is best suited to patients that want a quick whitening for an event like a special party or wedding. Ask your dentist for more information.                          


It is possible to replace existing fillings with carefully shade matched tooth coloured fillings to blend into the natural appearance of your teeth. 
Tooth coloured fillings which bond to the surface of your natural teeth can be used to build up worn teeth and close or reduce spaces between teeth for an improved aesthetic appearance.

Dental Smile


A highly cosmetic technique for replacing unsightly fillings with a tooth coloured restoration which is bonded to the tooth for additional strength. Inlays and onlays are generally used for replacement of larger fillings which would not be as well suited to composite (tooth coloured) fillings.


Veneers are a fine porcelain or composite facing which can be bonded to the surface of the tooth. Veneers are a highly cosmetic way to improve aesthetics and can be used to improve the shade of teeth, close gaps between teeth, change the shape of teeth and to smooth out irregularities in the alignment of teeth.

Screen Shot 2019-08-04 at 6.05_edited.png


Crowns are used as a complete covering of the tooth and can be used to improve aesthetics and to protect a heavily restored tooth structure. Crowns can be made from gold, non-precious alloys, porcelain bonded to alloy, composite or all ceramic. 


Ceramic crowns are the most aesthetic option and are an excellent restoration for teeth that will be seen in the smile line as the ceramic mimics the natural way in which teeth appear in the light giving them the most life like appearance of all the possible materials.


Bridgework can be used to replace missing teeth given that there are suitable teeth next to the spaces to provide support for the missing tooth. Bridges can be made from a variety of materials as noted for crowns.


Ceramic bridgework gives the most aesthetic result for teeth that are in the smile line.

Smile Check


We are able to assess patients for their suitability for implant treatment and offer a referral service to a local implant specialist who is able to give a more detailed assessment and treatment planning for the provision of implants.


At Swaby’s Dental practice we have one dental hygiene therapist that are able to offer regular scale and polish appointments, treatment of gum disease, cosmetic cleaning, tooth whitening and prevention services.

Man Sleeping


Here at Swaby’s we are trained to assess patients for snoring and sleep apnoea. After assessment if it is determined that simple snoring is the problem, we can construct a mandibular advancement device which is worn whilst sleeping.


This is a comfortable and effective way of managing snoring.

If we assess a patient as being classed as suffering with sleep apnoea, we will offer a referral to a specialist for further assessment and management.


In some cases, the mandibular advancement device is still the best option.


We offer a service for constructing bespoke sports gum shields which are essential for anyone participating in contact sports.


The appliances are offered in a large range of colours and can have a name tag inserted.



Many patients are bruxists which means that they clench and or grind their teeth. This can result in excessive wear of the teeth and also is linked with headaches, jaw pain and migraines.


Wearing a bite guard during sleep can help to reduce wear of the teeth and reduce symptoms associated with clenching and grinding.


We offer a range of options for partial and complete dentures ranging from;

  • High impact resin to reduce the risk of fractures                       

  • Chrome cobalt dentures for good retention 

  • Flexible dentures which also give added comfort and retention 

  • High quality prosthetic teeth to give a natural appearance 

  • Care and attention to the set-up of the teeth and gums to give a natural appearance

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